Digital Smile Design

The future of dentistry, Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design is a method that allows us to digitally design the smile of our patients, allowing a simulation and pre-visualization of the therapeutic result to be obtained.

As when we are building or renovating a house, the architect needs to create a project that makes the final result appear. This happens in the beginning, through drawings / 3D rendering, which then serves as a guide for the planning of the works themselves. Even within a dental practice, there is a need for an “architect” of works – we call him the “smile designer”. The dentist who designs a smile for our patients and enables patients to see a realistic preview of what the final outcome of the therapies will be. This dentist will work with the various specialist figures making up the dental team such as the orthodontist, periodontist, implantologist and restorer.

Tailor-made smile

Patients often find themselves at the dentist and immediately undergo dental services or therapies without the dentist having first planned and shared with the patient the therapeutic design of a smile tailored to him.

Digital Smile Design allows the patient to fully understand the treatment plan from the beginning and to be a co-designer in the aesthetic and functional rehabilitation of his own mouth. The specialist will understand the expectations and needs of the patient in order to pursue shared goals.