Teenage lingual orthodontics

Delicate on the teeth, reliable, invisible

Fixed orthodontic appliance glued inside:
Lingual orthodontics

lingual adolescents

Caries prevention …

In children and adolescents, the enamel is still maturing, which is why fixed orthodontic appliances can induce demineralization around the appliance, causing irreversible damage. On the inner surface of the teeth, the demineralization is preserved by the continuous action of self-reflection and rinsing of the saliva on the teeth.

As clinical research has shown, compared to a conventional fixed orthodontic appliance, tooth damage in children is 10 times less likely to occur using a fixture glued to the inner side of the teeth.

… with lingual orthodontics

The high-tech device for fast and reliable correction of tooth positioning

The enamel on the inner face of the tooth is more resistant to demineralization

The wide bracket of the bracket makes the device very robust

lingual orthodontics
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