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Catania dentist office - Lingual Orthodontics Catania

A reference point for orthodontics in Catania for more than 20 years.

Dr. Gallone’s dental practice has been operating in Catania since 1998 after his training at the center of oral surgery and the specialization school in orthodontics.

The historical site of the dental office where Dr. Gallone has always been in the center of Catania, becoming more and more a point of reference for oral surgery and orthodontics , including that with lingual braces. The experience is completed with the enrichment of the staff and collaborators who in the last decade have joined Dr. Gallone by creating the dental practice that offers a high degree of specialization in all branches of dentistry. In 2021, the idea of ​​creating the dental practice Dr. Gallone Lingual Orthodontics 4.0 was born and developed from this experience and growth.

The brand new Dental Practice in Catania of Dr. Gallone.

The firm grows, the staff grows, the collaborators grow, the range of services and benefits available to patients grows. The new center has three sea-view dental operating rooms, where the patient’s emotional experience is different from any other dental office. A photographic and digital room where the first visits take place, in which there are no more impressions (casts) but all the necessary recordings are acquired through intraoral scanners (there are two inside the center) and then the models can be printed on a 3D printer with very high precision and technology. There is also an equipped surgical room that allows you to face even the longest sessions thanks to the comfortable memory foam armchair. All complex surgical and prosthetic procedures are studied and planned through digital programming.

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Catania dentist office - Lingual Orthodontics Catania-2

New tools for a state-of-the-art dental practice in Catania.

The acquisition of the information necessary for the programming of many interventions is supported by the possible use of digital radiology in both two dimensions (panoramic and telecranium) and 3D (tac with low radiation dose beam). The dental center Dr. Gallone Lingual Orthodontics, unlike the previous dental practice, has an evolved personnel and business organization, allowing through the turnover of professionals that the practice can remain open from 9 to 20 from Monday to Friday and Saturday morning. , to meet all your needs.

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