What is lingual orthodontics?

Lingual orthodontics is the correction of misaligned teeth by means of a fixed invisible appliance because it is glued on the inner (lingual) face of the teeth and which works as a conventional fixed orthodontic appliance (glued on the outer face of the teeth) with complete control and movement of the teeth , the only person who knows he has the appliance is you.

Today the great merit of lingual orthodontics is that nobody can notice that the patient is having orthodontic treatment; the patient can continue his normal lifestyle while wearing the appliance which with complete discretion will correct his teeth and improve his smile. In fact, patients today want to get well aligned teeth at the end of orthodontic treatment, but also to be able to smile during treatment without having to show the aesthetic dimensions of a conventional orthodontic appliance, metal or transparent plates that they are. Lingual orthodontics can be for everyone, if you are in good health of teeth and gums.

With the lingual device, if you are an adult or a teenager, there are customized solutions for individual problems.

Win is a custom designed lingual device that can adapt to individual needs, creating successful smiles without compromise.

Great comfort, excellent results


  • Predictable results

  • Extremely flat design = excellent comfort

  • German engineering = precision manufacturing

  • Suitable for all ages

  • Suitable for simple and complex cases